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Basic Alchemy Guide

Share your alchemy expertise or learn the ropes from others here.

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Basic Alchemy Guide

Postby nzblustone » July 3rd, 2017, 5:40 am


An Alchemist gathers natural reagents growing in the world, and mixes them with a water solvent at an Alchemy Table to create potions. To do this, the Alchemist must find pools of water with special qualities that will yield the proper results when mixed. The grade of the water will determine the potency of the product.

All reagents have hidden traits which determine a potion's effects. Similar traits from different reagents must be stacked to bring out a potion's magical qualities. Sometimes a trait that gives a potion a beneficial effect can also have a negative counterpart. If the wrong reagents are mixed together they might cancel each other out.

A skilled Alchemist learns to experiment to find the combinations of reagents that will offer the best results.

For more information on Alchemy, tips and tricks from our community members or if any information in this guide is incorrect, whether it be due to human error or changes to the game itself please go to the alchemy section of our Traders Community and share with your fellow traders.

There are six skills for alchemy and all of them are passive. The first skill point you should invest in alchemy should be rank one of Keen Eye: Reagents to help you find more reagents while exploring Tamriel.

Solvent Proficiency 6 ranks Each rank unlocks the next tier of solvents for crafting, starting with both Natural Water and Clear Water at rank one, followed by Pristine Water, Cleansed Water, Filtered Water, Purified Water and finally Cloud Mist at rank six.
Keen Eye: Reagents 3 ranks Highlights reagents for gathering within 20m, increasing with rank to 40m, then 60m at rank three.
Medicinal Use 3 ranks At rank one, when using potions the resulting effects last 10% longer, increasing to 20% longer at rank two and 30% longer at rank three.
Chemistry 3 ranks At rank one, an extra potion is produced for each crafting attempt, increasing to two extra potions at rank two and three extra potions at rank three.
Laboratory Use 1 rank Allows the use of up to three reagents when creating potions.
Snakeblood 3 ranks At rank one, reduces the negative effects in potions by 50%, reducing further to 80% at rank two and completely removing negative effects at rank three.

Solvents are the base item for every potion and can be found throughout Tamriel in waterskins and at bubbles in rivers and lakes.

Each solvent will create a different level potion, starting at level three with Natural Water. You need to unlock higher tier solvents by adding a skill point into Solvent Proficiency. Rank one of solvent proficiency unlocks both Natural Water and Clear Water.

Natural Water Gives Sip prefix Makes a level 3 potion
Clear Water Gives Tincture prefix Makes a level 10 potion
Pristine Water Gives Dram prefix Makes a level 20 potion
Cleansed Water Gives Potion prefix Makes a level 30 potion
Filtered Water Gives Solution prefix Makes a level 40 potion
Purified Water Gives Elixir prefix Makes a cp10 potion
Cloud Mist Gives Panacea prefix Makes a cp50 potion
Star Dew Gives Distillate prefix Makes a cp100 potion
Lorkhan's Tears Gives Essence prefix Makes a cp150 potion

Grease Gives Poison I suffix Makes a level 3 poison
Ichor Gives Poison II suffix Makes a level 10 poison
Slime Gives Poison III suffix Makes a level 20 poison
Gall Gives Poison IV suffix Makes a level 30 poison
Terebinthine Gives Poison V suffix Makes a level 40 poison
Pitch-Bile Gives Poison VI suffix Makes a cp10 poison
Tarblack Gives Poison VII suffix Makes a cp50 poison
Night-Oil Gives Poison VIII suffix Makes a cp100 poison
Alkahest Gives Poison IX suffix Makes a cp150 poison

Reagents are the effect items used in potions and can be found throughout Tamriel. They become easier to find when points are spent into the Alchemy crafting skill Keen Eye: Reagents.

Each reagent has four different properties, one or more of the same property needs to be stacked to create a potion with the desired effect. Reagent properties each have a counterpart, one part being beneficial and the other detrimental which can cancel each other out. The negative effects of potions (if any) can be reduced or removed completely by adding skill points into the alchemy skill Snakeblood.

Beetle Scuttle Lower Spell Resist Increase Armor Protection Vitality
Blessed Thistle Restore Stamina Increase Weapon Power Ravage Health Speed
Blue Entoloma Ravage Magicka Lower Spell Power Restore Health Invisible
Bugloss Increase Spell Resist Restore Health Lower Spell Power Restore Magicka
Butterfly Wing Restore Health Lower Spell Crit Sustained Restore Health Vitality
Columbine Restore Health Restore Magicka Restore Stamina Unstoppable
Corn Flower Restore Magicka Increase Spell Power Ravage Health Detection
Dragonthorn Increase Weapon Power Restore Stamina Lower Armor Weapon Crit
Emetic Russula Ravage Health Ravage Magicka Ravage Stamina Stun
Fleshfly Larva Ravage Stamina Vulnerability Creeping Ravage Health Vitality
Imp Stool Lower Weapon Power Ravage Stamina Increase Armor Lower Weapon Crit
Lady's Smock Increase Spell Power Restore Magicka Lower Spell Resist Spell Crit
Luminous Russula Ravage Stamina Lower Weapon Power Restore Health Reduce Speed
Mountain Flower Increase Armor Restore Health Lower Weapon Power Restore Stamina
Mudcrab Chitin Increase Spell Resist Increase Armor Protection Defile
Namira's Rot Spell Crit Speed Invisible Unstoppable
Nightshade Ravage Health Protection Creeping Ravage Health Defile
Nirnroot Ravage Health Lower Spell Crit Lower Weapon Crit Invisible
Scrib Jelly Ravage Magicka Speed Vulnerability Sustained Restore Health
Spider Egg Reduce Speed Invisible Sustained Restore Health Defile
Stinkhorn Lower Armor Ravage Health Increase Weapon Power Ravage Stamina
Torchbug Thorax Lower Armor Lower Weapon Crit Detection Vitality
Violet Coprinus Lower Spell Resist Ravage Health Increase Spell Power Ravage Magicka
Water Hyacinth Restore Health Spell Crit Weapon Crit Stun
White Cap Lower Spell Power Ravage Magicka Increase Spell Resist Detection
Wormwood Weapon Crit Reduce Speed Detection Unstoppable

To create an item, interact with an alchemy station by pressing [E] (default), then click the Creation icon on the top bar of the crafting menu.

Pick a solvent: pick a solvent to use as a base for the created potion. The solvent determines what level the potion will be.

Pick some reagents: pick two reagents to add to the created potion. You can use three reagents in a potion after adding a skill point into the alchemy crafting skill Laboratory Use. The reagents will determine what effects the potion will have, but you must first discover the effects of each reagent through experimentation.

When you are satisfied, press the [R] (default) key to create the item.

Other alchemy skills alter the created results as well; Medicinal Use will increase the duration of the created potions effects by 10-30%, and Chemistry will produce 1-3 extra potions for each creation attempt.

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Re: Basic Alchemy Guide

Postby lyn5719 » September 4th, 2017, 5:20 am

What a nice job. Very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you!

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