ITG Trial Runs

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ITG Trial Runs

Postby nzblustone » March 20th, 2017, 8:25 am

We have an established routine/schedule now for running Trials as a guild.

There are open-invite NORMAL Trials run every Saturday night at 10pm CST.
• You are only required to be over L10 to attend this guild event.
• Currently the 12 group spaces fill up fast, but there have not been enough people to make 2 full groups (plus we don't have a second full-fledged trials leader yet... where have you been Udu?).
• The specific trial is voted on after the group is formed each night and usually 3 trials are run in total with a vote before each one.
• The Maw of Lorkhaj trial requires the Thieves Guild DLC.
Discord is required to receive instruction from the Trials leader @JTemp117.

We have also started VETERAN Trials the next day, but not always at 10pm CST.
• If you are interested in running Veteran trials with ITG then please contact @JTemp117 in game and request a DPS/HEAL/TANK test depending on the role you would like to take.
• We have not completed any veteran trials as a pure ITG group yet, but we have members that have experience in some or all of them.
Discord is required to receive instruction from the Trials leader @JTemp117.

No matter what event the guild is running we all have a good life and a great time so don't be shy.
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Re: ITG Trial Runs

Postby itchc » April 19th, 2017, 9:49 am

The guild will now endeavour to run daily trials to help players learn mechanics and gear for more challenging content. Groups will form at a roughly similar time to the weekly trial.
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