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Guild Rules/Information

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Guild Rules/Information

Postby nzblustone » October 21st, 2016, 11:01 pm

Imperial Traders Guild Rules and Information

CONTRIBUTION: 2000g weekly OR 8500g monthly.
  • Must be deposited directly into the guild bank.
    This is so the addon we use to track donations shows your donation.
  • Weekly is due by Sunday 8pm CDT.
    This coincides with when the guild trader bid cycle ends.
  • Monthly is due by the first Sunday of each month @ 8pm CDT.
    Unless the month begins on a weekend, in which case it would be due on the second Sunday of the month.
  • For your weekly or monthly contribution you are rewarded with tickets for that weeks guild lotto draw.
    Every 500g counts as a separate ticket, and you can purchase as many extra tickets as you want.

  • Having not logged in for 7 days or more puts you at risk of being kicked from the guild.
  • Please speak to management before to any absences that you expect to last more than 7 days.
  • If you get kicked for inactivity then later return to playing ESO you are welcome to request a new guild invite.

GUILD BANK: request items via any supervisor or manager.
  • After browsing the guild banks, just send an ingame mail or guild forum message or Discord direct message to a manager or supervisor requesting the item(s).
  • The ITG bank contains: cp160 Intricates (for deconstructing) + cp160 Glyphs (for deconstructing) + Motif chapters/books.
  • The ITG2 bank contains: Resources + Recipes (consumable+furnishing)

    Please consider donating to the guild fund after receiving bank items.

CRAFTER RANK: help members find a skilled crafter.
  • Guild members that are capable crafters may request to be moved to the Crafter rank via any manager or supervisor.
  • To qualify for this rank you must meet the following criteria:
    • Willing to craft items for members (within reason).
    • List what they can craft in their member note after promotion (ie. 9traits, Master Crafter, PM for styles).
    • Maxed in at least one equipment craft skill with 3-traits or more in at least one armor weight,
      OR maxed in a consumables craft skill.
    Also, crafters can create a thread in the Trade Center to advertise the goods and/or services they offer.

GUILD STORE: Please buy and sell in our guild stores.
  • The sales tax from items sold in our guild stores contributes to our trader bid each week.
  • Also please don't list items for less than 30g to ensure the guild gets at least one gold from each sale.

Thank you!

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