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Imperial Trader Information

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Imperial Trader Information

Postby nzblustone » October 21st, 2016, 11:01 pm

2000g weekly contribution
This is to be a direct deposit of gold into the guild bank. All deposits count towards lottery tickets. You can deposit 8500g to cover a whole month but will only be entered into the lottery for that one week.

7 day inactivity policy
Having not logged in for 7 days or longer will get you removed from the guild. Please speak to management prior to extended absences.

Lottery runs till midday Sunday weekly
Tickets are 1k each deposited into the guild bank. Your weekly contribution allows you 2 tickets but you can get more. Results are posted on the guild forum here. The trader is mostly funded by the lottery, so please buy tickets.

Please buy and sell in our guild store
The sales tax contributes to our trader bid each week. Also please don't list items for less than 30g to ensure the guild gets even a couple gold from each sale.

Guild bank items are available by request
After browsing the guild bank, just send an ingame mail or guild forum message to a Manager or Supervisor outlining what you want. Please consider donating to the guild fund after receiving bank items.

Crafters looking for work
If you are a member of Imperial Traders Guild and you are a dedicated crafter or farmer(gatherer) then you may request to be moved to the corresponding guild rank in-game and here on the forums. Any Manager or Supervisor can do this for you.
This could help other guild members when searching for a crafter or farmer and in turn bring you more customers.

Also, you could create a thread in the Trade Center to advertise the goods and/or services you offer to the guild and any other visiting ESO players.

Thank you!
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