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Promotion Opportunities

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Promotion Opportunities

Postby nzblustone » August 29th, 2017, 4:51 am

Please DM @Bluestone in discord or @nzblustone ingame to express interest.

Supervisor position: (ongoing)
• Can retrieve bank items for members (also remind them they can request items).
• Must offer members bank items (ie. intricates).
• Must recruit (and remind members they can too).
• Help members check their current contribution status (using an addon).
• Be helpful and friendly as an initial contact point for guild members with questions.

PVP Leader position(s): (2 available)
• Run ITG battlegrounds groups (at least weekly, and encourage inexperienced members to try).
• Publish and/or otherwise share tips on builds/gear etc. (you would need to know what works).

Crafter rank: (request via any manager or supervisor)
• MUST be willing to craft items for members (within reason).
• MUST list what you can craft in your member note (ie. 9traits, Master Crafter, PM for styles).
• MUST be a maxed in at least one equipment craft skill with 3-traits or more in at least one full armor weight OR maxed in a consumables craft skill.

Please DM @Bluestone in discord or @nzblustone ingame to express interest.

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